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Electro Freestyle

Electro-freestyle  – genre of electronic dance music that emerged in Germany in 90s at the junction of several genres, such as Electro, Techno, Eurodance, Hip-Hop. Pioneers of the genre – Freestyle Project, Music Instructor, Flying Steps and other performers quickly showed the title of the most popular artists Electro Freestyle music called in that period Electro, as well as New School Freestyle.

It is not known what is the origin of the term «Electro Freestyle». It is believed that this term was introduced Polish musicians in early of 2000 to indicate a new direction of electronic music. Electro Freestyle similar to classic Freestyle (Latin freestyle) and Electro, however, it is an independent genre.

Classic freestyle (Latin Freestyle) is not relevant to the Electro Freestyle. Electro Freestyle takes its origin from North Electro, not Latin America. Latin same freestyle in the second wave turned to the sound of bands such as Bubble J. or Pandera. It is also worth noting that the Latin freestyle in our days not all underground, and quite successful commercially, mainly, in the same in Latin America.

Characteristic features of the genre are often used sample Hit, broken beat, trance melodies, vocoder vocals. Tempo of  tracks varies from 115 to 135 bpm.

Afrika Bambaataa (Kevin Donovan)On the development of Electro Freestyle music influenced the genre TechnoLectro and also one of the founders of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa, especially his vocal track with The Soul Sonic Force «Planet Rock». Pumping beat from this track was later used in many freestyle compositions.

The period of prosperity of the Electro Freestylecan was considered 1995-2003, when were very popular groups such as Music Instructor, Flying Steps, Freestyle Project, then the popularity noticeably declined. Currently genre went into the underground and known only to a narrow circle of individuals in the CIS countries, Germany, Poland and Brazil.

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