Sonic Division

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Sonic Division

Sonic Division – is a project of the founders of which are Damian Politansky (eXtatic) and Maciej Gapytz (mAKuSh1no).

Both musicians before the unification of writing music in the style of Electro Freestyle. Barely acquainted, they began continued to write music of the same style . In 2005 was released one of the best albums in the genre Electro Freestyle in general for the entire history Sonic Division – Feel da Groove. This album must listen every  freestyle lover.

Sonic Division - Feel da GrooveAfter 2006 Sonic Division shifting its experiments on trance. The real success came in 2007, when their track Painting The Silence (released on the label Deep Blue Records) started to play big names such as Above and Beyond, Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, Cressida, and others.

Also, in 2007 Sonic Division signed a contract with sublabel Armada – Coldharbour Recordings. This year was for the project still quite successful – they released their first own vinyl became composition “Bulky Hero”. This track for half a year has not disappeared from DJ bags Markus Schulz and was one of the favorites at all the festivals and parties, and also not left without attention of such stars as Andrew Bennett, Solarstone, Jon O Bir, Aly & Fila, Gareth Emery, M. I.K. E., Cressida, Agnelli & Nelson.

In 2008, Damian (eXtatic) gave an interview to the First TV channel:

Here is the text translation:

Today in the Studio Damian Politansky, the representative of Sonic Division and musician, Hello!

Damian , you have engaged in electro music, but now for some reason I switched to TRANS why?
Well actually it was not electro, electro, freestyle, I started at the age of 15 and these were my first steps in music.

Time affected?
Likely to time, and maybe style, you want to make changes, what would it become a chore. We have changed the style of the progressive-trance, and about three years are engaged in this direction.

And in your opinion, how did this direction has been developed in Poland, it seems to me that this is not bad.
If it is Poland, all now felt much better, I don’t know exactly how developed it now, but it seems to me much better than several years ago. Now this music is more developed in the world and it is still quite popular.

How did that together with Maciej you have created a project Sonic Division, but you are at a great distance from each other, heavily probably have to work?
To begin with, that it’s not very difficult, now that we have the Internet and phones, we can easily share ideas we have come up with, and it all started when we first started electro-freestyle, we met online and then we came up with the idea of a joint project. One song, second, third, and went on.

Many popular DJs play your music all over the world. Armin Van Buuren or Above & Beyond , a great success, what do you think?
You can say so. Every aspiring to write his music was always first to set goals for yourself, by any means hit the playlist famous DJs of the world.

Can we all earn good money?
It depends on what you understand under »normal» money.

I mean, what would the money was quite enough for life.
Again, hard to say, if you have enough упертости and you got down to business seriously, you should be able to capitalize on this, and if you do that for myself only, it is hardly possible to earn something.

How are you feeling about that?
More it for myself, and I am working in other напрвлениях and therefore, progressive-trance for me as a rest from the basic work.

With whom of the world or Polish celebrities do you work?
First of all I work with Holenderska Armada, D-Blue records and other companies, to which we give a few songs, remixes etc, but still the main publisher is Holenderska Armada.

Why first of all, you work with Western publishers, and not with the Polish?
The matter is that in Poland there is no good publishing house, with which one can work seriously. Just here more developed other directions.

Such as pop?
Pop, dance, all the music that we hear on the radio.

Think you just need to grow to a certain type of music?
I would not like to assess in such categories, because not I define any trends in tastes. Simply between the us and the West is still a huge gap.

Your future plans?
To finish my studies, I am studying in Wroclaw on Politechnika, and about music, I like to write music and beyond.
And their future where you see? In Elenia Gore or outside it?Depends on many factors, not sure yet.

A reminder, today we had in the Studio representative Sonic Division and composer Damian Politanski. All the while!

Sonic Division - Day and NightSonic Division – Day and Night.Despite that Damian and Matthew Church in Poland separated by a distance of 300 kilometers, this does not prevent them to work together and do a fresh, special, solar and melodic trance. In their own words, they are absolutely important how regards their sound audience. Guys often say: «We have no goal to position you to myself, the music just speaks for us». Today, their tracks are available in many well-known labels such as Coldharbour / Armada (Netherlands), Deep Blue (UK), Insatiable (UK), Well Mixed (Romania), Profuse (Netherlands), Flashover (the Netherlands), Metallic (USA), Neuroscience (UK), Fraction Records (UK).

There are 3 Electro and Freestyle albums:

Sonic Division – Feel da Groove
Sonic Division – Time To Elektro Pulse
Sonic Division – 12th Floor EP