Interview with Design-S

Дата: July 29, 2012. Рубрика: Interview.

Design-SInterview with Design-S.

My name is Tomasz but most of Electro listeners know me as Design-S. Right now (29.7.2012) i’m 22 years old and i’m studying at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland.
I started to write my own music in 2006. It was about 2 years after i graduated music school. I discovered artist eXtatic on and i really liked his productions. When I was lot younger i was listening to Music Instructor and Flying Steps. I was addicted to this style since i discovered it. Extatic had bit different style but i liked both. I realised that if he can make his music and put it on internet i can do it too. And so it started.

I’m using FL Studio to make my music. I own “Signature Bundle” edition of this software and it gives me everything i want to produce my tracks. I also have KRK RP8 G2 studio monitors for mastering and E-mu Xboard MIDI keyboard. I have also 2 reloop turntables and behringer mixer with Traktor Scratch DVS sytem which i sometimes use to practice my scratches.

My style changes from time to time. At first i was making music with “unknown style”. Then i tried to get closer with my tracks to eXtatic and other top electro artists on There was also time when i developed my own style but i wasn’t satisfied with it. Recently i discovered group called Blastromen. They realy blowed my mind. In some of my latest productions “Reconstruction” or “Destroyed” you can hear Blastromen‘s influence.Design-S - Back to Old School

I have to admit that i’m not Electro fan. It’s one of my favorites styles but i also hear other types of music which i like. I like Electro best and i really enjoy making my new tracks. It’s my hobby. I have also very poor knowledge in Electro style in general. I’m aware of much less Electro artists than other Electro fans.

Sometimes i talk to Dj MAR on the internet. We have made some tracks together. I think he’s a really good producer (not only electro).

At the moment i like Blastromens style best and i really want this style to become more popular. How to make Electro popular? I think that Electro producers have organise some concerts and live performances to let people know of this style.

I wish all Electro fans the best and stay tuned!

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