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Music Instructor Music Instructor was founded in 1995, the founders were three producer – Mike Michaels, Mark «MM» Dollar and Mark Tabak, more commonly known as Triple-M Crew, the singer was invited Holger Trenz under the pseudonym Holly Trance. Project Music Instructor was initially as a project of one single (remember the United Colors Of Wodka etc), to kind for the fun, explain how it is done (for now) popular melody, but the incredible success in the charts, gave think producers why not continue this topic – so there were how to dance, how to make a party, and etc.

Tracks recorded in different studios, from Akropolis Musik & Film GmbH and the Triple-M Studios Berlin & Palma de Mallorca. The second album ( Electric City Of Music Instructor) was added to the set of works by other artists, but mainly in a little or a lot, alterations.
Mark MM DollarMark TabakMike Michaels

All tracks written only Mike Michaels, Mark «MM» Dollar and Mark Tabak, not counting the remixes on them. Full discography of the group:





  • Na… Na… Na… (Christmas Version)
  • DJ Session One – Dreams In My Fantasy (Music Instructor Remix)


Two tracks without the participation of the Triple-M Crew considered an attempt to revival of the project is not officially Dean Burk:

  • Electric City ’08;
  • Operator.

The project worked closely with a variety of dancers and singers:

  • For the first album and singles was someone in the role of the robot,but some say that in the video was filmed in a robot suit someone from Triple-M or all took turns, vocalist – Holly Trance.
  • Rock Your Body – in the role of drivers auto withdrew themselves Triple-M, as well as Bee Low in the role of graffity master, Ali-B-MX Barjesteh in the role of ВМХера, famous Niels «Storm» Robitzky with Steen Koerner and Kadir Memis in the role of electric boogie dancer a couple of unknown skaters.
  • Super Sonic – dance Flying Steps, still somebody in the role of a person walking in the headphones.
  • Get Freaky – dancers Flying Steps, rappers Lunatics (which includes Maya Saban and Dean Burke a.k.a Dirty-D»), and character Abe from the game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssey.
  • Electric City – computer robots with persons Triple-M.
  • DJs Rock Da House a lot of people unknown, known only to Dean Burke.
  • Super Fly (Upper MC) same as above.
  • Play My Music – the same thing, known only soloist Veronica Vazquez themselves Triple-M in the roles of the players, Dean Burke, Don Vicenzo in the role of major and Steen Koerner in the role of a electric boogie dancer.
  • The last 4 singles Flying Steps replaced the command b-boys, what exactly is hard to say, it is known that it was Tim Earthy as electric boogie dancer.

The project ceased in 2001, the collapse of the Trinity Triple-M Crew went about in 2007-08. Reasons were the employment of other projects and, as a consequence, solitary work. Holly Trance now sings in the project Fourtune Voices. Mark «MM» Dollar work with a group of US5. Mark Tabak works On style music in Moscow. Dean Burke in the group the DMC Project, and about Mike Michaels, nothing is known.

There are Music Instructor group in Vkontakte.

P.S . Special thanks to Sergey Glazunov for infromation and Alex Sergeev for translate.