Interview with Hawk

Дата: November 17, 2012. Рубрика: Interview.


Interview with Hawk.

Hello! Please tell us briefly about yourself.
You may know me as a Hawk. I’m a Polish producer. I was born on 25th November 1986. I work as a Physiotherapist in a small intitute. Apart from music I’m interested in movies, gaming and electronics 🙂

Whose creativity affected you writing own music?
I think I can’t point at one artist. There are many great artist that made me feel I would like to create my own music. But if you ask me specifically about electro freestyle it was Music Instructor, Scooter (We are the greatest, Frequent Traveller), Flying Steps

What sequencer do you use for writing music? And Why?
When I started my adventure with music I was creating my compositions in Fast Tracker 2 (1998?) with many breaks. Now I’m using FL studio, since 2002 I think. I started to use that soft, when I’ve heard tracks of Twisted Feet group. One of the members wrote me an e-mail, that they are using Fruity Loops (old name of FL Studio) and I wanted tu try it by myself. I like the interface and simple use of that software.

Do you compose freestyle music now?
Unfortunately I create electro freestyle rarely nowadays. I don’t have much time ;/ But sometimes one idea in my head can make me start composing 🙂

What you think about russian freestyle?
I think that Russian electro freestyle is really good. Many producers creating clean sounds and interesting melodies.

Besides freestyle what musical genre do you prefer?
Especiallysoundtracks (Harry Gregson-Williams, John Murphy, Hans Zimmer, Charlie Clouser), some Trance, industrial. I do not lock myself into one genre, because I think that in the first place important is an idea, like catchy melody and than the realisation. Every kind of music can be good 🙂

Whether you cooperate with somebody from musicians?
Not at the moment. Earlier I had cooperated with Piranha 303, XAZ, Floorburner [Moeru no Yuka], eXtatic (one track) and some rapers like Fugol, because I create sometimes electronic hip-hop beats (You can listen short, old mix of my beats)

Do you know about Sound Factory and Freestyle Union projects?
Unfortunately, I have not heard about these projects. Sadly I’m now more a listener than the creator, but I plan to produce more tracksHawk

What you think of Electro Freestyle music at present. To what to you its future is represented?
I think that is really good that internet has spread in recent years. Many producers, amateur and professional can share samples, instruments and publish their tracks. So the quality of compositions is higher, musicians are making faster progress. And in the future ? It’s a shame that electro freestyle is quite forgotten genre, but maybe It will come back 🙂

Your wishes to Electro Freestyle lovers and visitors of this site.
Promote electro freestyle artists anywhere you can. There is no better reason to create new tracks, than comments of listeners, subscribers and viewers. So powerful genre like that should not disappear and you are only hope to keep it alive 😀

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