Interview with N.E.X.

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Interview with polish musician  – N.E.X.

Hello! Please tell us briefly about yourself.
Hello! My name is Łukasz, I’m 23 and I’ve composed music since 2005, I’ve played piano since 2006 and electric guitar since 2012. I was learning music theory in private music school from my teacher but music production and other technical things I was learning myself from various sources. My first projects were a very simple EDM music that were a part of my learning process. Then I discovered electro freestyle music so I had to join into this, hah. Meanwhile I ran a few other projects, made several remixes etc but nothing especially interesting. I was also thinking about composing music for media but I was not ready for this then. Few years later electro freestyle doesn’t work for me and I tried music licensing. Now I’m composing music for a few mobile games and I’m trying to make good portfolio.

Whose creativity affected you writing own music?
Sonic Division, it was the group that inspireed me to make electro freestyle but in other genres I have other authorities, there are many of them.

What sequencer do you use for writing music? And Why?
Now I use Cockos Reaper but first it was a PC tracker called the Psycle and next Image Line FL Studio 7. My first electro freestyle track was also the first track in the FL Studio. I changed DAW after I started composing other music than EF because FL Studio was, and unfortunately today version 11 is, too limited for me. For example composing for video material is almost impossible, playlist doesn’t have complex grid with time/signature/tempo markers and FL can’t freeze tracks for save CPU. Cockos Reaper have it all, it’s cheap, light and without DRM, looks like a good alternative for other DAWs. Now I use FL Studio for simple works like editing samples in Edison or correct something on New Tone.

Besides EF what musical genre do you prefer?
I like them all, hah! But seriously, I need to be open to any kind of music, within certain limits of course, and this works for me. When I want to relax smooth jazz works fine, sometimes it is liquid drum & bass or ethnic music. To gain some energy at morning I listen rock, even a little of metal, another time it’s wide spectrum of EDM and more. Everytime I love OST music from games and movies. When I have to compose for various project I listen a lot of music in the required genre. Sometimes I find something great and I listen this even after I complete the projects. So, I don’t close to any specific music genre and I always look for something new and fresh, not only for inspiration.

Why do you not compose freestyle music now?
I love electro freestyle music, and I miss it, but the reason why I quit is that I don’t have enough time for this today. This is the consequence of the fact that I didn’t see my future with EF. I was trying to develop my music to new levels but this was not easy.

I was composing then I was uploading music to internet and I was receiving feedback from people and again this loop. Many musicians had the same problem. My question was “ok, what next?”. People likes EF so why not give them something more? I thought it was a good time for the live music event. Me and my EF friends tried organize details but we had a few technical problems and mainly not enough people want to come We had to cancel event.

I tried to start free netlabel to promote electro freestyle music. We released first LP and started to promote them but without spectacular feedback. We didn’t even count thousand downloads. After time, I closed the initiative because of lack of effects. My friend also tried to release compilation album on her website but with similar result.

Few months later I wanted to start fresh, start electro freestyle group, make some collaboration etc. It would be simpler to play local live gigs to expand range. I made a few new beats and find female singer but our collaboration was not successful, she had other priorities in her life than music. I tried a few more times with other people, but not successful.

The last step into end of electro freestyle was closing “mp3” music service from top polish portal where our electro freestyle was born. This website was a little run-down but has a large collection of our electro freestyle. Now most of it exist only at fans’ hard drives.

I gave up and now I’m focusing on other projects.

Do you know about Sound Factory and Freestyle Union projects?
I don’t know too much but as I can see you still have enthusiasm to promote electro freestyle. Good work and I wish you the best!

Thank you! What you think about russian Electro Freestyle?
It sounds very great, people develop their skills from year to year and what I can see many musicians still compose electro freestyle. Nice to see that EF is still at people hearts. Keep it up guys!

What you think of Electro Freestyle music at present. To what to you its future is represented?
Electro freestyle in Poland is near to end because of many musicians aren’t compose now. I don’t know how the situation looks like in other countries but sometimes I can hear new music. It’s a good news.

I think electro freestyle need something more than only online community. Connections between listeners and musicians are important, emotions works better in real life than internet. It’s more easy to forget about something if we know this only from YouTube, few graphics or letters. One great live event is several times better than another one great compilation album.

EF community are big and flexible, we have not only musicans but dancers, b-boys, b-girls, beatboxers and even more. We can make something real, band, event or show and invite more people to us if they like this music. We must turn community to real life like other underground genres did this in the past. In my opinion it’s not only good way to maintain electro freestyle but to develop it on new levels.

I wasn’t able to do this in my place but I believe that someone will could do in his/her area.

Your wishes to Electro Freestyle lovers and visitors of this site.
I wish all fans to don’t forget about this beautyful music. Not only listen what you love but support musicians with feedback. They need to know you’re here and their works have sense for you, everyone are one big community.

Greetings for all electro freestyle lovers. Thank you!

Here you can donwnload some N.E.X.’s tracks.