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Flying Steps - B-Town

Flying Steps – B-Town

The group Flying Steps had only one full-fledged album – the B-Town, which was released in 2001. Some believe that the music was written by dancers, which of course, is a fallacy. Actually most of the tracks wrote Gregory Engelhardt and Thorsten Wittig (they are the JetSet and Bassheadz ). Besides them also wrote music this musicians:

Gregory Engelhardt

Gregory Engelhardt

  • Dj Mesia – his tracks: In Da Arena (Situation) (Original Mix),as well as B-Unitorand B-Unitor 2;
  • Mark Nieuwenhuijzen (a.k.a. MacMark, ManiRock, Mark Simmons), Errol Lafleur (he DeeKai or Riffi) and H. Bruystens under the brand BeatFreakz created Breakin’ It Down (but initially not for Flying Steps – this track was added practically without changes);
  • DJ Cash – wrote the Body Rockin;
  • Christian Zippel (aka Zip) – King Of Rock.

Tracks of Gregory Engelhardt and Thorsten Wittig were recorded at the Studio of the JetSet, which is included in the Dance Street Records, Enza Zaden (Germany), the rest of the tracks in different places, for example, In Da Arena in England, in the Studio Pepper Records because a DJ Messia Englishman.

Track «The Wizard» came out long before the album was another single from Thorsten Wittig (Bassheadz) on vinyl Journey 1998.

Gregory Engelhardt (JetSet) in 1998 released a single Eightyfour – Electro People.

Eightyfour - Electro People.

There are some interesting moments in tracks of the album:

  • In Da Arena – is a reworking of an old track Yazoo – Situation;
  • Body Rockin – modifications another track Arthur Baker – Breaker’s Revenge;
  • We Gonna Rock It – scratchs from Herby Hancock – Rock it;
  • Breakin’It Down – revised melody from the track Break Machine – Street dance.
DJ Cash - автор трека Body Rockin

DJ Cash

With the track Breakin’It Down there was an interesting situation. It was added to the album своровав, not even mixed from Rocking Nation.

Dancers Flying Steps yet contributed to the album – for example in the track We Are Electric – they wrote the vocal, which sounds in the vocoder sound, maybe even the voice of one of them, but it is not a fact.


Christian Zippel - автор трека King of Rock

Christian Zippel

Full discography of Flying Steps:


Dj Messia

Dj Messia

The single, not the album version of the track We Gonna Rock It (Radio Mix 2001) present a female rap migrating from track Lady Bass – One Fine Day, it is likely that the JetSet pre-released it this track, and then added the rap in the new version for Flying Steps.

Breakdance Battle and Battle Megamix Assembly are not albums at all, there are plagiarism for sale, nothing new was added and the tracks Get Freaky and Super Sonic wsa writted by Music Instructor.

Music instructor – this is Mark MM Dollar, Mark Tabak and Mike Michaels – popular dance project long before the wave electro, invited Flying Steps for the filming of their several clips plus dance support during a live performance. First came Amigo in the clip Rock Your Body,all the team appeared in the music video Super Sonic. Soon the contract finish and the album was released without them – they took another team. More info about Music Instructor you can find here.

Gregory Engelhardt(в центре) и Thorsten Wittig (слева)

Gregory Engelhardt ( in center) and Thorsten Wittig (on the left)

In 2000 Flying Steps, making a name for himself flickering on the TV screens and clubs in the sphere of musical show business, signed a contract with Gregory Engelhardt and Thorsten Wittig – they are not Music Instructor, there are Bassheadz and JetSet, and as these musicians less famous than the first, who glorified, it was decided to insert the name of the Flying Steps on the cover of the album, which gave both well unwind. When the contract finish Gregory Engelhardt and Thorsten Wittig (JetSet and Bassheadz) together with Antonio Moreno created a group Duende.

Gregory Engelhardt and Thorsten Wittig worked in many musical projects – A.U.R.A., Bass Kingz, Bassheadz, Camino, Crome, Dominators, Dow Jones , Duende, House Lizards, Jet Set, Masque, Pulzemaster, Starstruck, Zymotix,DJ Droid , Dodger, Eightyfour, all projects were not very popular among show-business, style of music like before album B-Town,was and remained a trance. But that’s another story.