Interview with Eurodacer

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There are small interview with Eurodacer.

Hi! Tell us briefly about yourself.
My name is Andrei Zhdanov. I’m 28 years old. After graduating from music school since 2003 writing music in different styles.

Whose works influenced you?
Masterboy and DJ Bobo.

Tell us about your first encounter with freestyle music.
In the end of 90’s I was doing was listening to breakdance and broken rhythms that more and more to please me 🙂

Some believe that Freestyle music is Eurodance with broken beats. What do you think about this?
Partially agree with this statement. However Eurodance is rap and beautiful vocals, but Freestyle – it’s all the same style without limitations, it can go as instrumental as broken bits from scratch, as well as fit with rap vocals.

Why are you now rarely write Electro Freestyle tracks?
In the early of 2000’s i had much  time and  I  psent it to writing of music, and now other cares and troubles, plus there is such a factor as a creative crisis.

Will continue to delight fans of free new tracks?
Not often, but of course I will finish my album Freestyle session.

Nice! )

What do you think about Electro Freestyle at the moment. What do you think should be done to this style became popular?
By this style have great sympathy. And with regards to popularity, do not have anything to do with it. This style is so popular and in their communities.
A one-day style we do not need.

What do you think about Freestyle Union and Sound Factory Records?
Nice work 🙂

Your wishes site visitors and fans of freestyle.
Guys, do not peddle, appreciate the love and respect of their close relatives. And let Freestyle music will always be in our minds and in our hearts.

Thank you!

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