English version of site ElectroFreestyle.ru

Дата: October 9, 2013. Рубрика: News.

Мультиязычный сайт

Dear fans of Electro Freestyle!

I am pleased to report that it ‘s now available English version of this site. This was made possible thanks to Alexander Borisenko, who transferred the funds to buy the plugin. We will translate almost all notes in English. If you have friends who have a good command of the language , it would be cool if they helped translate at least a few articles.

I’m also created a project in Webmoney, which is available at http://events.webmoney.ru/electrofreestyle. If anyone wants to help this project, he can transfer any amount to the e-wallet . Offer your ideas distribution dialed ( I hope so ) funds.

I would like to inform you that I can add a few more languages ​​(in the plans Polish language), it depends on who will be engaged in transfer posts at the appropriate languages ​​. If there are interpreters , it will be a corresponding version of the site .