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Дата: September 9, 2013. Рубрика: Reviews.

О термине «Electro Freestyle»

In this article I want to share my thoughts about the name of our favorite music. Disputes about its correctness, do not shut up until now.

Where did the term «Electro Freestyle»? I think nobody knows. But it is definitely possible to say that the term originated in Poland in the early 2000 Under the wave of such popular projects as Flying Steps, Music Instructor Polish musicians wrote his music on the computer and gave their tracks genre Electro, Freestyle. For example, it is absolutely clear that the composer eXtatic calls this genre «Electro Freestyle».

In the West Europe, especially in Germany, Electro Freestyle, of course, is not known. This positioned as a music genre Electro and that is why the foreign websites you will not find information on request Electro Freestyle.

Now I want to express my opinion about the correctness of the names.

I think that the genre I ought to be called – Electro Freestyle. It is not Electro. Compare, for example, the work of Flying Steps and Debonaire. Completely different feeling. I  am not a fan of electro music. Electro music does not give me those feelings, which gives Electro Freestyle.

Why not Freestyle? I’m associated Freestyle music with the Latin freestyle 80s, a kind of pop music, vocals without vocoder, it’s not that. Modern electro-freestyle originates primarily from the European power, from the Latin freestyle there isn’t that hits and maybe pumping bass. Moreover, some believe Freestyle music is a rap.

Freestyle Breaks – do not know what is the origin of this term. If anything, more correct, I think it would be Electro Breaks. Now some of the guys from Pdj.com asked the administration to return Freestyle genre Breaks. I think this is unnecessary. If you wrote the track in the genre of EF, just put:

Main style: Electro;
Additional style: Freestyle.

And those who seek tracks EF will find it.

Leave your comments below. Interesting to hear your opinions. As You consider correct to call this style of music?