About (mg) eDDy

Дата: September 19, 2012. Рубрика: Interview. Метки:

mg(Eddy)My name is Michael, I’m 24 years old, my nickname is Eddy (I’m a fan of the game tekken), was born in Poland, dancing bboying, my passion for hip-hop culture (bboying, mc, DJ’ing and graffiti).

I make music in the Fruit Loops, because I like the design and the years to create.

It all started in 2000, when I first heard the music of Music instructor, then Freestyle Project and the Knight of bass and that was it, I was spinning horribly, so I always wanted to do something similar, so that people can dance at the same time and have fun at the same time , I wanted to dance to their own music, so little dream, now inspired by the old school, 90-s beats.

Unfortunately, I muse through the mouse, it has no other equipment.

This is my big dream to be able to make money by what you like, I had one album with friends but free, available to all.

Russian Freestyle is very good, I like it because every artist gives something back and it’s like a real one species evolves and becomes more and more interesting.

It’s great, and the current level is the truth of good, but sometimes I miss the sounds and old style of the 90-s. For this I would like to do something in this direction and do something new in the old style.

Regards Eddy.